Emulator particulate filter is an electronic device that manages to work properly functioning particulate filter. Wiring harness is connected in place appropriate monitoring sensors work particulate filter. Using a mathematical model of work in particle filter algorithm operation allows generating a corresponding signal values, exactly like a workable particulate filter.

Emulator FAP DPF z wiązką przewodów Emulatory filtra cząstek stałych firmy ADS


The device is protected by patents:

1 - P-388671 "System and method of controlling an internal combustion engine"

2 - P-391517 "Method and system simulation of exhaust gas pressure in the exhaust system especially for internal combustion engines"

3 - P-391518 "Method and system exhaust pressure signal simulation especially for diesel internal combustion engines"



The device is manufactured and sold since 2008. During this period, our product has won the recognition of many customers from all over Europe. Following the needs of the market have created an emulator of the second generation. Our new products thanks to the use of connectors such as car manufacturers is easier to install, and also more reliable. Highest quality components used for production and technical solutions have been introduced to a new series of emulators have allowed the extension of the warranty period to 24 months.

On the device give 24 months warranty.

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