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Yanmar DPF Delete Kit

yanmar dpf delete kit

Yanmar DPF Delete Kit

Our Yanmar DPF Delete Kit is a non-invasive plug and play device that eliminates the particulate filter (DPF) from the machine. Original, matching plugs allow for easy and fast installation of our Yanmar DPF Delete Kit. With this device, there is no need for reprogramming or even a computer. The system is fully safe to the engine and thanks to the plug and play technology provides an effortless installment of our delete device.

Basic offer

Below you will find basic 4DPF offer of Yanmar DPF Emulators.

Yanmar DPF Delete Kit

Yanmar DPF Delete Kit

Yanmar DPF Delete Kit – this version of the emulator was designed to allow deleting the DPF (particulate filter) in every Yanmar engine which is fitted with just the DPF (without the SCR/DEF system). Plug and Play installation ensures that the device is non invasive and simple to install. Our Yanmar DPF Delete Kit is safe to the engine. After the installation of our device the entire DPF emission system and all of its sensors are no longer required which means they can be safely removed from the machine. Forget about DPF cleaning and regain power lost to your engine.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the emulator installation and DPF removal work?

Installation of the device is non-invasive, this is achieved thanks to the original plugs that the emulator is equipped with. The plugs match the ones from the machine. Yanmar DPF filter removal with the help of our emulator is fully safe to the engine and does not require any interference with the engine controller whatsoever. After installing the device, the diesel particulate filter must be removed.

How does the installation of the emulator and removal of DPF and SCR work?

Similarly to the installation in machines with just the DPF the emulator must be connected using the plugs which the device is equipped with. Then disconnect the DEF pump controller and disconnect the nitrogen oxide sensors. Connect the emulators plug in the place of one of the NOx sensors, A detailed manual with a complete description of service steps is included in each order.

How does DPF regeneration work after filter removal?

The emulator simulates the operation of an efficiently working emission reduction system. The engine controller does not activate DPF regeneration because the signals generated by the emulator reports that the diesel particulate filter is in perfect condition.

Should I continue to add DEF (AdBlue) fluid?

No. The DEF/SCR pump no longer pumps the fluid. Refilling it is not necessary.

My machine has been diagnosed with a defective temparature sensor. Can I install this product?

Yes! Any sensor that monitor the operation of the DPF system becomes obsolete after installing the device, so the sensors can remain damaged or be removed completely.


  • DPF only: 3TN68, 3TN86, 3TN88, 4TN86, 4TN88, 4TN92, 4TN98
  • CASE: CX60C, CX60, CX58
  • DOOSAN: Develon DX75-5B, DX20Z-7, DX62R-3, DX63-3
  • TEREX: PS 3500 H, PS 4000 H, PT 4000
  • JOHN DEERE: 3025D, 3035D, 3043D, 2032R, 3025E, 3032E, 3038E, 3025D, 3035D, 3043D, 3033R, 3039R, 3046R, 4044M, 4052M, 4066M, 4052M Heavy Duty, 4066M Heavy Duty, 4044R, 4052R, 4066R, 4075R, 2720, 3032E, 3320, 4005
  • BOBCAT: E60, S750
  • SANY: SY50U, SY80U, 16C, 205C
  • WACKER NEUSON: 1001, 1501, 1601, 2001, 4001, DW20, DW30, ET 18, 1404, 3503, EZ28, 6003, 2503, 1703, EZ38, 6503, EZ17, EZ53, 803, 38Z3, ET16, 28Z3, 2003, ET20, EZ26, ET24, 2404, EZ36
  • TAKEUCHI: TB 230, TB 235-2, TB 240, TB 250-2, TB 260, TB 290-2 CM, TB 290 CV, TB 2150 R, TB 280 FR, TB 295 W-2
  • HITACHI: ZX30U-5N, ZX35U-5N, ZX50U-5N, ZX60USB-5N, ZX75US-5N, ZX85USB-5N, ZX75US-7, ZX85USB-7, ZX70-5G, ZX70LC-5G, ZX95US-7, ZX95USB-7, ZX60USB-5N, ZX95US-7, ZX95USB-7, ZX 27 U-2, ZX 38 U 3, ZX 52 U 3, ZX38U-5A, ZX 48 U 3, ZX 35 U-2, ZX 30 U-2, ZX48U-5A, ZX 33 U 3, ZX 29 U 3, ZX33U-5A, ZX 50 U-2, ZX55U-5A, ZX 40 U-2, ZX55U-6, ZX33U-6, NX30, TMX 20 neo
  • GEHL: VT210, VT230, VT275, AL650, GCT3-14, GCT3-14+, RS5-19GEN 3, R105, R165, R190GEN:2, R220, R260, V330, RT105, RT135, RT165, RT185, RT215
  • TYM: T355, T395, T455, T555
  • KRAMER: 5085
  • And many many more…


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  • DPF Temperature Sensor
    • 129C00-13870, Y-129C00-13870
  • DPF Filter
    • 129C22-16040, Y-129C22-16040. 129C00-16050. Y-129C00-16050, 129C01-16400, Y-129C01-16400
  • DPF Pressure Sensor
    • 129E00-17310, Y-129E00-17310, 129978-17700, Y-129978-17700
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
    • 129C00-13950, Y-129C00-13950, 129C00-13940, Y-129C00-13940

Emission related
error codes

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  • P2455 DPF differencial pressure sensore fault (high voltage)
  • P2454 DPF differencial pressure sensore fault (high voltage)
  • P2453 DPF differencial pressure sensore fault differencial pressure abnormal high
  • P2452 DPF differencial pressure sensore (abnormal learning value)
  • P1455 DPF high pressure side sensore fault (high voltage)
  • P1454 DPF high pressure side sensore fault (low voltage)
  • P1428 DPF inlet temperature sensor fault (high voltage)
  • P1427 DPF inlet temperature sensor fault (low voltage)
  • P1436 DPF inlet temperature sensor temperature abnormal high
  • P1434 DPF intermediate temperature sensore fault (high voltage)
  • P1435 DPF intermediate temperature sensore fault (low voltage)
  • P0420 DPF intermediate temperature sensore temperature abnorma low temperature
  • P1426 DPF intermediate temperature sensore temperature abnorma high
  • P2463 Overaccumulation (Method C)
  • P1463 Overaccumulation (Method P)
  • P2458 Regeneration defect (Stationary regeneration failure)
  • P2459 Regeneration defect (Stationary regeneration not performed)
  • P242F Ash cleaning request 1
  • P1420 Ash cleaning request 2
  • P1421 Stationary regeneration standby
  • P1424 Backup mode
  • P1425 Reset regeneration prohibition
  • P1445 Recovery regeneration failure
  • P1446 Recovery regeneration prohibition

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