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DPF and DPF + DEF (SCR) emulators for Kubota engines.

Kubota dpf delete kit

kubota dpf delete kit – SPECIAL OFFER

DPF Emulator

Failure Codes Eraser

Straight Pipe

Complete kUBOTA delete kit

If you don’t want to hollow out your filter or have some lingering codes from past DPF malfunctions we have a special offer for you. Our Kubota Complete Delete Kit consists of the DPF/DEF Delete Kit, the Code Eraser and the Straight Pipe for physical filter replacement. With this complete delete kit you don’t have to worry about getting your machine out of limp mode and the straight pipe allows you for fast and non invasive replacement of the filter, allowing you to sell the machine one day without any traces of meddling with emission system.

  • Straight Pipe Supported Engines: V3307, V3800
  • Code Eraser Supported Engines: D1803 / V1505 / V2403 / V2603 / V2607 / V3307 / V3800 / V6108

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kubota dpf DELETE KIT – Basic offer

Below you will find basic 4DPF offer of Kubota DPF Emulators.

Kubota DPF + DEF (SCR) Emulator

Kubota DPF + DEF (SCR) Emulator

V3800CR-TIEF4, V6108-CR-TIER 4 Final

Kubota DPF and DEF (SCR) delete kit – this version of the emulator is designed for engines equipped with both Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF/AdBlue) dosing system – SCR

Plug and Play installation of our Kubota DPF+DEF Delete Kit provides a quick, non-invasive and entirely safe installation. After the installation you can forget about adding DEF fluid or DPF cleaning. All of the DPF and SCR/DEF components can be safely removed from the machine.

  • Check if your model is supported here

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Kubota DPF Emulator

Kubota DPF Emulator

Kubota DPF delete kit – this version of the emulator is designed for engines equipped only with a particulate filter (without the DEF tank).

Quick and simple installation thanks to the plug and play technology allows for a non-invasive delete of the Diesel Particulate filter with our Kubota DPF Delete Kit. After the installation the entire DPF system and all of its components will be running digitally, which means that they can be physically removed from the machine. Stop worrying about the DPF cleaning and Limp mode and regain the power lost due to the emission system with our Kubota DPF Delete Kit.

  • Check if your model is supported here
  • Find out how the emulator works here

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DPF Emulator Installations

Below you can find some sample photos from our installations.

V1505 engine installed in Kubota F3990 tractor.
V3307 engine installed in Manitou machine.
V3800 engine with just the DPF – Hyundai 45D-9A.
V3800 DPF + DEF/SCR engine – Kubota Skid Steer Delete Kit SVL 95-2s and SVL 97-2s.
V3800 DPF + DEF/SCR engine – Kubota Tractor M6-111.
V3800 DPF + DEF/SCR engine – LeeBoy 8616C
V3800 DPF engine – Bobcat Skidsteer S750
V3800 DPF + DEF/SCR engine – Takeuchi TL12V2

Other Photos

Straight Pipe for replacing a DPF filter in V3307 Kubota engine.
Straight Pipe for replacing a DPF filter in V3800 Kubota engine.
Temperature Sensor Plugs ( T0, T1, T2).
Disconnected NOx sensor and DEF pump.

Frequently asked questions

How does the emulator installation and DPF removal work?

Installation of the device is non-invasive, this is achieved thanks to the original plugs that the emulator is equipped with. The plugs match the ones from the machine. Kubota DPF filter removal with the help of our emulator is fully safe to the engine and does not require any interference with the engine controller whatsoever. After installing the device, the diesel particulate filter must be removed.

How does the installation of the emulator and removal of DPF and SCR work?

Similarly to the installation in machines with just the DPF the emulator must be connected using the plugs which the device is equipped with. Then disconnect the DEF pump controller and disconnect the nitrogen oxide sensors. Connect the emulators plug in the place of one of the NOx sensors, A detailed manual with a complete description of service steps is included in each order.

How does DPF regeneration work after filter removal?

The emulator simulates the operation of an efficiently working emission reduction system. The engine controller does not activate DPF regeneration because the signals generated by the emulator reports that the diesel particulate filter is in perfect condition.

Should I continue to add DEF (AdBlue) fluid?

No. The DEF/SCR pump no longer pumps the fluid. Refilling it is not necessary.

My machine has been diagnosed with a defective temparature sensor. Can I install this product?

Yes! Any sensor that monitor the operation of the DPF system becomes obsolete after installing the device, so the sensors can remain damaged or be removed completely.


  • DEF + SCR: V3800 / V6108
  • DPF: D1803 / V1505 / V2403 / V2603 / V2607 / V3307 / V3800 / V6108
  • KUBOTA: B2311, B2311 HDB, B2311 HDBC, B 3030 HDB, B 3030 HDB-C, B3150 HDB, B3150 HDBC, B3350, F391, F3990, KC 250 H-4, KC 250 HR-4, KC300HR-5, KX027-4 GL, KX027-4 GL HI, KX027-4 HGL, KX027-4 HGL HI, KX030-4 GL, KX030-4 GL HI, KX030-4 HGL, KX030-4 HGL HI, KX033-4, KX037-4 GL, KX037-4 GLS2, KX037-4 HGL, KX037-4 HGLS2, KX037-4 KGL, KX037-4 KGLS2, KX040-4, KX042-4 α, KX042-4 GLS2, KX042-4 KGLS2, KX057-4, KX057-5, KX060-5, KX080-3, KX080-3α, KX080-3α 2PC, KX080-3S, KX080-4α, KX080-4, KX080-4α 2PC, KX080-4 2PC, KX080-4S, KX101-3α2, KX101-3α3, KX101-3α4, KX61-3 GL, KX71-3S, L1-382 DHW-EC, L1-382 DW-EC, L1-452 DHW-EC, L1-452 DW-EC, L1-522 DCN-EC, L1-522 DW-EC, L1-552 DCN-EC, L1-552 DHW-EC, L1361 DW, L1361 HDW, L1421 DW, L1501 DHW, L1501 DW, L2-452 DC-EC, L2-452 DHC-EC, L2-522 DW-EC, L2-552 DHC-EC, L2-552 DHW, L2-622 DHC-EC, L2-622 DHW, L2421 DHW, L2421 DW, L2501 DG, L2501 DHW, L2501 DW, L2602 DHW, L3200, L3301, L3400, L3560, L3800, L39, L3901, L4060, L4100, L4100H, L4240-II D, L4240-II H, L47RC, L5040-II G, L5040 R, L5240H, L5240-II H, L5740-II H, L5460, L6060, LX-351, LX-401, M105 GX III, M105GX-IV, M 105 S, M 108 S, M 110 GX, M 115 GX III, M115GX-IV, M115GXS-IV, M 125 GX III, M125GX-IV, M125GXS-IV, M 128 GX-II, M 130 X, M 135 GX, M 135 GX-II, M 135 GX III, M135GX-IV, M 135 GX-SS, M135GXS-IV, M4062, M4062, M4063, M4072, M4073, M5071N, M5072N, M5072NQ36-EC, M5082NQ36-EC, M5082NQ36-ITA, M5091, M5091N, M5092, M5092NQ36-EC, M5092NQ36-EC, M5101N, M5102NQ36-EC, M5111, M5112, M5112NQ36-EC, M59, M6-101, M6-101U, M6-111, M6-111U, M6-121U, M6-122, M6-131, M6-131U, M6-132, M6-141, M6-141U, M6-142, M6040, M6040N, M6060, M6060R, M6121, M6121, M62, M7040, M7040N, M7060, M7131, M7132, M7133, M7151, M7152, M7153, M7171, M7172, M7173, M8540, M8540N, M8540N, M8560, M95GX III, M95GX-IV, M95GXS-IV, M9540, M9540, M9960, M9540LP, MK 5000, MX5100, MX5200, MX600, R065, R065HW, R070, R082, R085, R090, R400, R400B, R420α, R420α B, R420S, R430, R430E, R430M, R520α, R520α B, R520S, R530, R530E, R540, R630, R630E, R640, RG30C-5, RG30C-5-D4, RT270, RT280, RX306E, RX406E, RX506E, SSV65PHC, SSV75, ST341-C, ST371-C, ST401-C, ST401-R, STV 32, STV 32, STV 36, STV 40, STW37, STW40, STW40 R, SVL65-2, SVL75-2HFWC, SVL75-2HWC, SVL75-2W, SVL75-2s, SVL95-2SHFC, SVL95-2S, SVL97-2, SVL97-2s, SVL90-2s, U30-6S, U30-6a, U35-4, U35-6a, U36-4 GLS2, U36-4 HGL, U36-4 HGLS2, U36-4 KGL, U36-4 KGLS2, U40-6E, U48-4, U48-5, U50-5, U55, U55-4, U55-5, U55-6E, U56-5, ZD1211R-60, ZD1211R-60R, ZD-1511
  • CASE: CX65D
  • DOOSAN: DL60-7, DL65-7, DL80-7, DL80TL-7, DL85-7
  • HITACHI: ZX 35, ZX 50, ZX 27-3, ZX 30, ZW50, ZW80, ZW 95, ZW 75, ZW40, ZW 65, ZW120-G, ZW30, ZW100-G, ZW90, LX 50, ZW50-5B, ZW30-5B
  • BOBCAT: S130, S150, S175, S250, S300, S510, S550, S590, S630, S650, S770, S850, T590, T595, T650, T770, E32, E35, E50, E60
  • LEEBOY: 5300B, 8608, 8520C, 8500E, 8616D, 8530, 8510E, 8515E, 7000C, 6150, 1000G, RA-400
  • HYUNDAI: R30Z-9AK, R30Z-9AK, R25Z-9AK, HSL850-7A, HSL 850-7, HSL850-7, HSL 650-7 A, HSL650-7A, HSL 650-7, HSL 650-7, 50DA-9F, 50 DA 9 A, 45D-9F, 45 D 9 A, 40D-9F, 40 D 9 A, 35DA-9E, 35 DA 9, 35D-9F, 35 D 9 A, 33D-9E, 33D-9, 33 D 7 E, 33 D-7, 30D-9E, 30D-9, 30 D 7 E, 30 D-7, 25D-9E, 25D-9, 25 D 7 E, 25 D-7, 20DA-7E, 18D-9S, 18D-7E, 15D-9S, 15D-7E
  • TAKEUCHI: TB230, TB235-2, TB240, TB250-2, TB290, TL8, TL10V2, TL12V2, TB1140, TL6R, TL130
  • And many many more…


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  • DPF:
    • Temperature sensor T0 – 1J500-18500,
    • Temperature sensor T1 – 1J770-18510,
    • Temperature sensor T2 – 1J500-18522,
    • DPF pressure sensor – 1J520-18600 (1J520-18601),
  • DEF (SCR):
    • DEF Pump example serial numbers: 1H015-60401, 1H010-60403, 1J508-19650, 1J508-19451, 1J508-19653, 1J508-19654, 1J508-19655, 1J508-19656, 1J508-19657, 1H002-60405, 1H002-60406, 1H002-60407, 1G010-60402, 1H010-60400, 1H015-60400, 1H015-60402,
    • NOx sensors

Emission related
error codes

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  • E:9000 Level 2 Regeneration request
    E:9001 Level 3 Regeneration request
    E:9002 Level 3 Regenerating
    E:9003 Level 4 Warning
    E:9004 Level 5 Warning
    E:9006 Level 2 Inhibit warning
    E:9007 Level 3 Inhibit warning
    E:9010 Engine stop to protect DPF (Stopping the engine for DPF)
    E:9115 Emissions warning (overheat)
    E:9116 Overheating
    E:9204 Pressure differential sensor system error
    E:9205 Exhaust temperature sensor (DOC intake) error
    E:9206 Exhaust temperature sensor (DOC outlet) error
    E:9207 Exhaust temperature sensor (DPF outlet) error
    E:9208 Simultaneous disconnection of all exhaust temperature sensors error
    E:9211 DOC reaction error
    E:9212 DPF regeneration time up error
    E:9213 Insufficient DPF regeneration/water temperature rise
    E:9214 Regeneration too frequent
    E:9301 Rail pressure error high pressure
    E:9302 Fuel leak (high-pressure fuel system)
    E:9306 Turbo boost insufficient increase error
    E:9307 Exhaust temperature increase error T0
    E:9308 Exhaust temperature increase error T1
    E:9309 Exhaust temperature increase error T2
    E:9400 Other engine ECU, DPF
    E:9500 Diesel Exhaust Fluid piping pressure sensor error
    E:9501 Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank temperature sensor error
    E:9502 Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank level sensor error
    E:9504 Tank leakage detected
    E:9505 SCR temperature sensor error
    E:9506 CAN1 bus off communication error
    E:9507 CAN2 bus off communication error
    E:9508 NOx sensor CAN communication error
    E:9509 CAN receive data error
    E:9510 Urea injector error
    E:9511 Suction line heater HT1 (S) error
    E:9512 Delivery line heater HT3 (D) error
    E:9513 Return line heater HT (R) error
    E:9514 Supply unit heater HT2 (E) error
    E:9515 Heater relay error
    E:9516 Tank heater coolant valve malfunction
    E:9517 Diesel Exhaust Fluid piping pump error
    E:9518 SCR purification system
    E:9519 Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank quality sensor error
    E:9520 Diesel Exhaust Fluid quality error
    E:9521 Pre-NOx sensor
    E:9522 Post-NOx sensor
    E:9523 Urea injection pressure detection
    E:9524 5 V analog power supply
    E:9526 ACU flash ROM
    E:9527 EGR system error
    E:9550 Other SCR system-related error
    E:9600 Horsepower limit for pump protection
    P0403- SPN 523574 FMI 3 – EGR actuator open circuit
    P0404- SPN 523574 FMI 4 – EGR actuator coil short
    P0409- SPN 523572 FMI 4 – EGR position sensor failure
    P0546- SPN 4765 FMI 4 – Exhaust gas temperature sensor 0: Low
    P0547- SPN 4765 FMI 3 – Exhaust gas temperature sensor 0: High
    P0543- SPN 3242 FMI 4 – Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1: Low
    P0544- SPN 3242 FMI 3 – Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1: High
    P242C- SPN 3246 FMI 4 – Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2: Low
    P242D- SPN 3246 FMI 3 – Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2: High
    P2413- SPN 523575 FMI 7 – EGR actuator valve stuck
    P2414- SPN 523576 FMI 2 – EGR (DC motor) overheat
    P2415- SPN 523577 FMI 2 – Differential pressure sensor 1: Low
    P2454- SPN 3251 FMI 4 – Differential pressure sensor 1: High
    P3001- SPN 3252 FMI 0 – Emission deterioration/ DOC is heated up due to unburned fuel
    P3002- SPN 4765 FMI 0 – DOC inlet temperature (T0) high
    P3003- SPN 3242 FMI 0 – DPF inlet temperature (T1) high
    P3004- SPN 3246 FMI 0 – DPF outlet temperature (T2) high
    P3006- SPN 3701 FMI 15- Excessive PM3
    P3007- SPN 3701 FMI 16- Excessive PM4
    P3008- SPN 3701 FMI 0 – Excessive PM5
    P3018- SPN 523599 FMI 0 – All exhaust gas temperature sensor failure simultaneously
    P3024- SPN 523602 FMI 2 – High frequency of regeneration

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