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DPF Emulator

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DPF Emulator

What is a DPF Emulator?

DPF Emulator is a device that imitates fully functioning DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). After the installation the emulator sends exactly the same information as a brand new and clean DPF does. Meaning, that there is no more need for regeneration, and no fault codes appear. The ECU is tricked into thinking that the DPF is still physically there and working perfectly fine.

The use of DPF emulator does not reduce engine power and is completely safe to the engine. The emulator doesn’t make any changes to the original programming of the ECU. It just communicates with the ECU. Because of that even if you plug in a diagnostic computer to the machine fitted with DPF emulator you won’t notice anything’s different.

The installation of the device doesn’t require a computer or programming. It’s a simple plug and play installation. In most cases the installation steps include disconnecting temperature sensors and differential pressure sensor or CANBUS plug and replacing them with the emulator’s harness.

The DPF emulator is a digital replacement of physical DPF components such like: Temperature sensors, differential pressure sensors. This means that even if the sensors are faulty you can still install the emulator and replace them digitally.

Types of DPF emulator

One plug emulator

One Plug Volvo DPF Emulator
One Plug Volvo DPF Emulator

Depending on the engine’s construction we have many different types of DPF Emulators. In most cases the device is equipped with a wiring harness that connects with the harness on the machine. However in the picture above you can see our device for deleting DPF in Volvo construction machines equipped with just the DPF (without SCR also called DEF).

The installation of such device is so easy it can be done in under one minute. The only step is to locate the ACM module disconnect it and connect our device instead. One plug Volvo DPF Emulator is definitely the easiest emulator to install among all of our devices. The simplicity of installation is a result of the construction of the Volvo engines.
All the sensors and signals run to the ACM, that’s why replacing the ACM with DPF emulator is the only thing required to delete the emission.

Analog emulator with wiring harness

Kubota DPF Emulator
Kubota DPF Emulator with harness

This type of the emulator is a device that comes with a wiring harness. The harness is connected instead of physical sensors, with the use of original plugs the installation is in plug and play technology. The simulation of signals sent by the sensors is calculated by an algorithm and presented by sending certain resistance. A significant alteration in electrical resistance occurs as the temperature varies within the specified range.

The emulator in the picture above is a Kubota DPF Emulator. The installation of this device consists of disconnecting three temperature sensors and one differential pressure sensor and connecting the plugs from the emulator’s harness to the harness that was plugged into the sensors. One wire needs to be soldered to the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) sensor so that the device can get information about mass airflow.

CANBUS emulator with wiring harness

CAT C9.3 DPF Emulator
CAT C9.3 DPF Emulator

This is another type of the emulator with wiring harness. This type of device uses both analog and digital signals in order to emulate the emission system. It connect directly to CANBUS imitating digital and analog signals and sensors.
With the use of CANBUS the emulator is able to communicate directly with the ECU. The device in the picture above is dedicated for large displacement Caterpillar engines, like C9.3, C13, C15 or C18. In our offer there is a wide variety of Caterpillar delete kits.


The Diesel Particulate Filter Emulator is a quick way to save time and money on expensive cleaning and time consuming regenerations. Simple installation thanks to the plug and play system guarantees that the installation can be performed by anyone and unlike a physical filter this solution requires no maintenance and it will not break because it’s digital not physical. The emission system emulator was our own idea. We had it patented years ago with P.388671 patent number. To see the full list of emulators in our offer click here.