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Find out the secrets of the emission system. Just click on the post and learn everything there is to know about our devices and the emission system.

DPF Emulator

DPF Emulator

What is a DPF Emulator? DPF Emulator is a device that imitates fully functioning DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). After the installation the emulator sends exactly the same information as a brand new and clean DPF does. Meaning, that there is… Read More »DPF Emulator

Euro 5 European Emission Standard

EURO 5 Emission Standard

EURO 5 Emission Standard. Challenges and Costs for Vehicle Owners The EURO 5 emission standard, implemented in 2011, represents a significant milestone in the quest for cleaner air and reduced pollution levels. It sets stringent limits on the amount of… Read More »EURO 5 Emission Standard