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Liebherr DPF Delete Kit

Liebherr DPF Delete Kit

Our Liebherr DPF Delete Kit is a virtual replacement part that fully deletes the DPF emission from the Liebherr engines. The use of plug and play technology makes the installation of our Liebherr DPF Delete Kit smooth and simple. There is no need for reprogramming or even using a computer, the installation process is fully plug and play. Forget about cleaning the DPF filter forever with our non-invasive device.

Basic offer

Below you will find basic 4DPF offer of Liebherr DPF Emulators.

DPF Delete for Liebherr

Liebherr DPF Delete Kit – this iteration of the emulator was created for engines equipped solely with the Particulate Filter (DPF system) and without the SCR/DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) system. Plug and Play installation guarantees safety to the engine and makes for an easy installation. Post installation of our Liebherr DPF Delete Kit the DPF emission system and every single of its components, including the sensors, becomes obsolete, meaning that it can be safely removed from the machine. Regain power lost to your engine with our Liebherr DPF Delete Kit.

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DPF Emulator Installations

Below you can find some sample photos from our installations.

LIEBHERR 556 wheel loader

Frequently asked questions

How does the emulator installation and DPF removal work?

Installation of the device is non-invasive, this is achieved thanks to the original plugs that the emulator is equipped with. The plugs match the ones from the machine. Liebherr DPF filter removal with the help of our emulator is fully safe to the engine and does not require any interference with the engine controller whatsoever. After installing the device, the diesel particulate filter must be removed.

How does the installation of the emulator and removal of DPF and SCR work?

Similarly to the installation in machines with just the DPF the emulator must be connected using the plugs which the device is equipped with. Then disconnect the DEF pump controller and disconnect the nitrogen oxide sensors. Connect the emulators plug in the place of one of the NOx sensors, A detailed manual with a complete description of service steps is included in each order.

How does DPF regeneration work after filter removal?

The emulator simulates the operation of an efficiently working emission reduction system. The engine controller does not activate DPF regeneration because the signals generated by the emulator reports that the diesel particulate filter is in perfect condition.

My machine has been diagnosed with a defective temparature sensor. Can I install this product?

Yes! Any sensor that monitor the operation of the DPF system becomes obsolete after installing the device, so the sensors can remain damaged or be removed completely.


  • DPF only: Liebherr D934LA
  • Liebherr: LR 634, PR 754 Litronic, PR 744 L Litronic, PR 756, PR 744 LGP, PR 724 XL, PR 724 LGP, PR 734-4 XL, PR 734-4 L, PR 724 L, PR 734 XL Litronic, PR 734-4 LGP, PR 734 LGP Litronic, R 920 Litronic
  • And many many more…


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  • Liebherr Temperature Sensor
    OEM: 6290130
  • DPF Differential Pressure Sensor
    OEM: 2871960, 4984187

Emission related
error codes

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  • 1213 Air Mass Flow
  • 1216 DPF System Parameterization Failure
  • 1232 Differential Pressure Failed
  • 1233 Temperature Drift
  • 1334 DPF System Back Pressure
  • 1344 Differential Pressure Inlet Failed
  • 1345 Exhaust Brake Circuit Failed
  • 1511 Difference Intake Manifold Temperature and EGR Temp. Less Than Threshold
  • 1512 EGR Temperature Very High
  • 1515 EGR Flow Target Error
  • 1521 EGR Valve Circuit Failed
  • 1531 DOC Inlet Temperature Circuit Failed
  • 1532 DPF Outlet Temperature Circuit Failed
  • 1533 DOC Outlet Temperature Circuit Failed
  • 1534 DPF Pressure – Out of Range
  • 1535 EGR Pressure Failed
  • 1545 Regen Temperature – Out of Range
  • 1554 DPF Inlet Pressure Circuit Failed
  • 1555 DPF Outlet Pressure Circuit Failed
  • 1624 Soot Level High
  • 1625 DPF Ash Clean Request
  • 1635 DPF Zone 2 Condition
  • 1636 DPF Zone 3 Condition
  • 2152 SCR Number Out of Range
  • 2334 DPF Regen Inhibit MUX Switch Message
  • 2335 DPF Regen Force MUX Switch Message

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