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Perkins DPF Delete Kit

Perkins Delete Kit

Our Perkins Delete Kit is an effective way to delete the emission from the machines equipped with Perkins engines. Plug and Play technology and original connectors allow for an effortless and fast installation of our Perkins Delete Kit. There is no need for reprogramming or plugging a computer to the machine. With our Perkins Delete Kit, you can forget about cleaning the DPF (diesel particulate filter) and adding DEF fluid (diesel exhaust fluid).


Below you will find basic 4DPF offer of Perkins DPF Emulators.

Perkins DPf Delete Kit

Perkins DPF Delete Kit – this version of our emulator is designed for machines equipped only with the DPF (diesel particulate filter) but
without the SCR/DEF tank. Plug and Play installation of our Perkins
DPF Delete Kit guarantees safety to the engine and allows for easy
and hassle-free installation process. Our Perkins DPF Delete Kit is
plugged instead of the machine’s sensors, this means that after the
installation the sensors are no longer needed and the sensors along
with any components of the DPF system can be safely removed from the machine.
The Perkins DPF Delete Kit fits Perkins 854E-E34TA, Perkins 854f, Perkins 904-ET28 and Perkins 904-ET36.

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Perkins DPF+SCR/DEF Delete Kit

Perkins DPF+SCR / DEF Delete Kit – this iteration of our emulator was designed for machines equipped with both the particulate filter (DPF) and SCR system (DEF – Diesel Exhaust Fluid).
The installation of the Perkins DEF Delete Kit is simple and quick thanks to the use of original connectors, it’s simply a Plug and Play installation. Perkins DEF Delete Kit is entirely safe to the engine. After the installation of the emulator it is no longer required to add Diesel Exhaust Fluid to the tank, the tank can be emptied, and our device will still indicate the fluid level in the tank. No reprogramming or computer is necessary in the installation process. Our Perkins DEF Delete Kit fits Perkins 1204f engines.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the emulator installation and DPF removal work?

Installation of the device is non-invasive, this is achieved thanks to the original plugs that the emulator is equipped with. The plugs match the ones from the machine. Perkins DPF filter removal with the help of our emulator is fully safe to the engine and does not require any interference with the engine controller whatsoever. After installing the device, the diesel particulate filter must be removed.

How does the installation of the emulator and removal of DPF and SCR work?

Similarly to the installation in machines with just the DPF the emulator must be connected using the plugs which the device is equipped with. Then disconnect the DEF pump controller and disconnect the nitrogen oxide sensors. Connect the emulators plug in the place of one of the NOx sensors, A detailed manual with a complete description of service steps is included in each order.

How does DPF regeneration work after filter removal?

The emulator simulates the operation of an efficiently working emission reduction system. The engine controller does not activate DPF regeneration because the signals generated by the emulator reports that the diesel particulate filter is in perfect condition.

Should I continue to add DEF (AdBlue) fluid?

No. The DEF/SCR pump no longer pumps the fluid. Refilling it is not necessary.

My machine has been diagnosed with a defective temparature sensor. Can I install this product?

Yes! Any sensor that monitor the operation of the DPF system becomes obsolete after installing the device, so the sensors can remain damaged or be removed completely.


  • DPF only: Perkins 854E-E34TA, Perkins 854f, Perkins 904-ET28 and Perkins 904-ET36.
  • DPF+SCR: Perkins 1204f
  • DEVELON: DX1000LC-7, DX800LC-5B
  • HYUNDAI: HX130LCR, HX140, R 180 LC-9 A, R 160 LC-9 A, R 145 LCR-9 A, R 140 LC-9 A, R125LCR-9A, R125CR-9A, HX180NL, HX180LD, HX180L, HX180ANL, HX180ALD, HX160LD, HX160L, HX160ALD, HX145LCR, HX140L
  • MANITOU: MRT 2145, MRT 1742 M, MRT 2545, MRT 1840, MRT 2145, MRT 1440, MRT 1440, MRT 1640 Easy, MRT 1840, MRT 1640, MRT 1840 Easy, MRT 2145, MRT 2545, MRT 2145, MRT 1640 Easy, MRT 1840, MRT 2545, MRT 1840
  • DOOSAN: DX165WR-7, DL200-7, DD130
  • WACKER NEUSON: DW60, DW90, DW100, EW100
  • And many many more…


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  • T420858 DEF INJECTOR
  • T401183 DEF INJECTOR
  • T420348 DEF TANK
  • T415131 SOOT SENSOR

Emission related
error codes

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  • B029 517028 Particulate filter temperature sensor
  • B029 517029 Particulate filter temperature sensor
  • B037 517036 Diesel particulate filter differential pressure
  • B038 517037 DPF input temperature sensor
  • B059 517058 DPF outlet temperature sensor
  • B090 517089 Exhaust temperature before SCR
  • B092 517091 Pressure DS DPF
  • B093 517092 NOx sensor after SCR cat
  • B094 517093 NOx sensor before SCR cat
  • B095 517094 Urea quelity, level. temperature
  • H046 517645 Diesel particulate filter indicator light
  • H056 517655 Indicator light (SCR lamp ash accumulation)
  • K089 519838 DPF pump switching relay
  • K090 519839 DPF glow pump switching relay
  • M017 517816 DPF air compressor
  • P008 518907 Particulate filter indicating instrument
  • P015 518914 DPF interface
  • R031 519931 DPF glow plug
  • S119 519068 Activation of diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF)
  • 5319-31 Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Incomplete Regeneration
  • 3251-16 Particulate Trap Differential Pressure : High – moderate severity (2)
  • 3251-0 Particulate Trap Differential Pressure : High – most severe (3)
  • 3719-0 Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Load Percent : High – most severe (3)
  • 3719-16 Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Load Percent : High – moderate severity (2)
  • 3251-7 Particulate Trap Differential Pressure : Not Responding Properly
  • 3251-10 Particulate Trap Differential Pressure : Abnormal Rate of Change
  • 3251-17 Particulate Trap Differential Pressure : Low – least severe (1)
  • 3251-18 Particulate Trap Differential Pressure : Low – moderate severity (2)

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