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„AdBlue” SCR DEF Emulator

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AdBlue/DEF Filler Cap What is DEF Emulator

AdBlue/SCR DEF Emulator

What is „AdBlue”/SCR DEF Emulator?

SCR/DEF emulator is a device that emulates a fully functional SCR/DEF system. Once installed, the emulator emits the same signals as a fully functioning SCR/DEF system, so the Engine Control Unit (ECU) does not reduce engine power and does not display any emission related errors. The device emulates all sensors of the SCR system, i.e. NOx sensors and temperature sensors. AdBlue pump signals are also emulated (including the current tank fill level).

Device installation doesn’t require any programming or even a computer, in fact, the emulator it basically serves as a virtual replacement part of the entire SCR/DEF system and all of its components and sensors. This means that if needed the system can be removed, or, if they’re already faulty, the delete kit will replace them digitally.

Furthermore, the fluid level sensor is also emulated by the device. This means that the fluid or so called AdBlue can be completely removed from the tank and the emulator will still indicate that the tank is filled up.

Colloquially, the use of the SCR emulator is also called “AdBlue deactivation” or “AdBlue removal.”


One Plug SCR/DEF Emulator

We have a couple types of AdBlue/DEF emulator. Some devices are a one plug solution that you can install in a matter of minutes. One example of such device is our One Plug Volvo Emulator.
The installation of our Volvo SCR/DEF emulator consists of locating the ACM module, disconnecting it and replacing the ACM with our device so basically just plugging our device instead of the ACM.

Our device fully imitates the SCR system and all of its components which means that it also imitates the Nitrogen Oxides sensors (NOx sensors). This is why the second step in the installation of our Volvo DPF+DEF/SCR delete kit is to locate and then disconnect both physical NOx sensors.

The reason for this being that with our device installed and NOx sensors still plugged in there are two Nitrogen Oxide Sensors signals sent to the Engine Control Unit. One by the actual physical sensors and one by our emulator. This is why the NOx sensors have to be disconnected.

But aside from replacing the ACM with our device and disconnecting the NOx sensors there is nothing more you have to do to the machine in order to make our device work. Of course if you also have a Diesel Particulate Filter then the matter of the filter being there in the first place has to be addressed as well by either hollowing out the filter or replacing it with some kind of muffler but the installation of the SCR/DEF Emulator itself is a process that takes a couple of minutes.

Pump Emulator – With Wiring Harness

The second type of SCR/DEF Emulator is the one with a wiring harness.

This emulator combines the emulation of both SCR/DEF and the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) for Kubota, same as the one plug solution for Volvo. However because of the existance of the analog signal sensors it needs a harness for each individual sensor. This means that it needs to be plugged into the harness that later goes into the temperature sensors and the differential pressure sensor on the DPF to emulate these signals individually.

However the SCR part of the system is still one plug, thanks to the existance of digital sygnals. This means that in order to install the SCR/DEF part of the emulator you only need to disconnect both NOx sensors and the DEF pump plug and plug the emulator’s harness plug into either one of the NOx sensors. It does not require a plug for each of the sensors as with the DPF part.


To sum up. There are a different types of SCR/DEF Emulators in our portfolio. They’re installation depends on the technology used in creation of the machine. Some are a simple one plug devices that just require to disconnect emulated sensors (like all Volvo or C4.4 CAT) and some others have a joint harness with the DPF part of the emulator that require plugging our harness instead of the temperature sensors and differential pressure sensor on the DPF.

In any case the use of our SCR/DEF Emulator is an easy and safe way to get rid and forget about the Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It’s a non invasive, quickest to go back to stock, does not require a computer and any programming and guarantee a fast and painless installation. They installation process may vary in between different brands but they all provide the same level of reliability.