Diesel particulate filter and SCR(AdBlue/DEF) systems removal


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DPF / SCR / DPF+SCR emulator for VOLVO construction equipment, Penta engines and on-highway VNL trucks series.


Installation is non-invasive, since the emulator is embedded in the plug of the ACM module - a plug&play solution. 

The emulator can be installed in engines with DPF only or DPF+SCR (AdBlue).

Connected by an original Volvo plug without interference with the engine control unit.

The device simulates the work of such elements as:

  • AdBlue Pump
  • Inlet / outlet NOx sensor
  • Catalyst / DPF temperature sensors
  • DPF Differential pressure sensor
  • Temperature and level sensor of DEF (AdBlue) tank
  • ACM module
  • Injector

After installation the engine regains power. Dpf filter should be drilled or removed. 

Examples of supported machines:

Wheel Loaders:

DPF: L45G, L50G, L60G, L70G, L90G, L110G, L120G, L150G, L180G, L220G 

DPF + SCR= L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120, L150H, L180H, L220H, L250H,


ECR145D, EC140D, EC160D, EC180D, EC220D, EC235D, EC250D, EC300D, EW140D, EW160D, EW180D, EW210D, EC350E, EC380E, EC480E. 

Articulated dump trucks:

A25G, A30G, A35G, A40G.

And other machines with engines:

D13J, D11L, D4H, D6H, D8H, Penta

We also have solutions for other models of VOLVO engines. For more information, please visit our contact page.

Below You can find a sample photos from our installations.

Articulated dump trucks - e.g. VOLVO A35

Wheel loaders - e.g. L180

Excavators - e.g. EC250

Wheel excavators- e.g. EW160E (DPF+SCR AdBlue) & EW160D (DPF only)

Kalmar DRU Reachstacker (DPF+SCR) equipped with three possible Volvo engines: Volvo TAD-115X-VE, Volvo TAD-117X-VE, Volvo TAD-118X-VE
We are also capable of performing an SCR delete or DPF+SCR delete on virtually all Kalmar machines with our Volvo DPF delete kit, Volvo Penta delete kit, Volvo DPF+SCR/DEF delete kit and Cummins delete kit.

Volvo Penta - e.g. McCloskey J45

Trucks e.g. VNL 2015 (DPF+DEF SCR AdBlue) 

 We are not an authorized VOLVO distributor and our product is not associated with VOLVO in any way.

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