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DPF / DPF+SCR emulator for VOLVO construction equipment, Penta engines and on-highway VN trucks series.

Installation is non-invasive because the emulator is embedded to ACM connector.
Removal of the DPF filter / SCR cystem is done with our single connector emulator. The removal of the particulate filter and SCR AdBlue in VOLVO engines is completely safe, without the need for a intervention in a ECU. Repair can be made at the workplace without the need for long and costly downtime.

Below You can find a sample photos from our installations.

Articulated dump trucks - e.g. VOLVO A35

Wheel loaders - e.g. L180

Excavators - e.g. EC250

Wheel excavators- e.g. EW160E (DPF+SCR AdBlue) & EW160D (DPF only)

Volvo Penta - e.g. McCloskey J45

Trucks e.g. VNL 2015 (DPF+DEF SCR AdBlue) 

 We are not an authorized VOLVO distributor and our product is not associated with VOLVO in any way.

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