Diesel particulate filter and SCR(AdBlue/DEF) systems removal


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SCR system emulator in Renault MASTER with SID 321 controller - WE HAVE A SOLUTION!

A solution dedicated to CONTINENTAL SID 321 engine controllers. Currently, there is no possibility of succesfully reprogramming this controller, which means that the removal of SCR system support through software modification is impossible. In response to this problem stands our SCR/AdBlue emulator.


SCR Emulator Renault Master III



This small electronic device connected to the communication line of the emission reduction system (CANBUS) using the original plug, in place of the nitrogen oxide sensor the NOx sensor, allows full emulation of this system.

How does the SCR delete kit for Renault MASTER IV work?

The emulator sends information to the engine controller about the correct operation of the exhaust system, so the controller does not put the engine into power limitation mode, and no errors are displayed.

During computer diagnostics, you can observe the operating parameters of the AdBlue dosing system exactly the same as in an efficient system.


Our emulator is connected to the emission communication line and sends the ECU only the INFORMATION about the correct operation of the SCR system.

 The operation of the device is not based on continuous error clearing!

This is a very important issue, as a solution operating on the principle of continuous error clearing makes our car difficult to diagnose, as it has to constantly delete all errors, including those on which the safety of engine operation depends (e.g. oil pressure, turbocharger temperature, etc.).


Installation of the emulator comes down to unplugging the sensors: NOx, smoke, SCR pump and connecting the plug from the emulator in place of the second NOx sensor. After this process, depending on whether the power of the vehicle is already limited or even in limp mode, it is necessary to delete the errors and in some cases (like limp mode) to perform a reset of the saved state of operation of the SCR system. In cars where the power limitation has not yet occurred, the emulator can be installed without the SCR system adaptation.

The delete kit is waterproof, this means it can be safely mounted under the body of the Renault Master.

This solution also works on the Opel Movano with the SID 321 controller.

Sample installation:

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