Diesel particulate filter and SCR(AdBlue/DEF) systems removal


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Deleting Diesel Particulate Filter in JCB with Kohler STAGE V engine

Our solution is a virtual replacement part of the diesel particulate filter. Plug and Play installation was achieved by using the original plugs that match the ones on the machine. Delete kit is available for Kohler engines that meet the STAGE V emission standard.

 Emulator DPF JCB Kohler


The DPF delete kit installation involves connecting the emulator using the plugs with which the electrical harness of the unit is equipped. The DPF filter removal is the next step, after installing the device the DPF filter must then be hollowed out or replaced by a straight pipe. The solution eliminates the failure of such exhaust system components as:

  • Catalyst / DPF temperature sensors
  • Diesel particulate filter differential pressure sensor
  • Clogged DPF filter
  • DPF filter regeneration

Once the Diesel Particulate Filter has been removed, the engine reclaims power lost to the emission reduction control system. Particulate filter regenerations cease to be a nuisance for the user. There is no need for afterburning the diesel particulate filter at a standstill, and fuel consuming filter regeneration is no longer an issue.

Supported engine models:

JCB with engine:
Kohler 1.9L - KDITC 1903, KDI-TC 1903E5/26
Kohler 2.5L - KDI2054M, KDI 2504 TCR/26A, KDI-TCR 2504E5/22

Supported machines:

JCB 406,
JCB 407,
JCB 409,
JCB 215 Skid Steer Loader,
JCB 215T Skid Steer Loader,
BCS Valiant 600,
Vermeer SC552 Stump Cutter.

Exhaust emission standards :

EU Stage V, US Tier 4 Final.

Example projets:

JCB 406 SV from 2021 powered by a Kohler KDI-TC 1903E5/26 engine.

The following errors were present on the example machine:
P2002-00 - clogged diesel particulate filter,
P242F-00 - blocked diesel particulate filter, limited engine power.
The user also complained on the rising oil level in the engine. This was due to repeatedly failed attempts to regenerate the DPF, causing diesel to leak from the combustion chamber into the oil sump.
After installing the delete kit, the errors disappeared. Power returned to normal. This is achieved because the emulator simulates the operation of a fully functional Diesel Particulate Filter, the phenomenon of rising engine oil level is to never return again.


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