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DPF Emulators
DPF Emulator


An emulator is a plug and play device that replaces the physical emission system with a virtual one. It sends the ECU (engine control unit) the exact same signals a fully functioning system does, thus tricking the ECU into thinking that the system is fully operational and no more problems with the systems occur. Emission emulator was our original idea nearly 15 years ago.


Our device eliminates the need for DPF and SCR/DEF related maintenance. You can forget about having to regenerate the filter in your machine, the need for DPF cleaning, replacing damaged sensors, adding exhaust fluid/AdBlue.

4DPF Emulator
DPF Emulator

Improve The Performance

After fitting your engine with our emulator you will experience not only a boost of power enhancing your engine performance but also drastically lower the fuel consumption. No more fuel will be thrown at the filter to burn away the soot. Optimize your entire exhaust system.

Do it yourself installation

The plug & play design ensures that installing our delete kit is a simple and straightforward process. We continuously aim to offer as user-friendly products as possible. Original connectors guarantee safe and simple installation.

High Quality Components

All our devices are made of durable, shock-resistant, high quality components able to withstand extreme temperatures. Emission emulators for heavy-duty engines have to be durable, so we made sure that our devices are waterproof and prepared for harsh environment.

14 years of experience

We invented emission emulators over 14 years ago and are in the heavy-duty business for over 12 years now. Opting for our device is opting for experience, choosing the most tested and reliable solution on the market